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TEVET 19, 5778/JANUARY 6, 2018


Parasháh: Shemót/Names/”Ex.” 1:1-6:1
Haftaráh: Is 27:6-28:13, 29:22-23

Julio Dam
Rébbe Mesiánico Renovado

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The book of Shemot/Names with which this parashah begins, is the continuation of a collective man´s life cycle, Israel, made up by the Jews by blood and by faith. Be Reshit/“Gen.”, the prior book, talks about the five phases of Israel and of its main ancestors, Avraham, Itzkhak, and Yaakov, of their birth and life, after the birth and life of the Universe. In this second book which begins this week, the book of Shemot, it talks about Israel´s redemption from slavery under Mitzraim/Egypt´s Pharaon/Pa/RO.

The following books of the Torah talk about Israel´s sanctification (Vaikrah/And He called/“Lev.”, the tests through which Israel went through (Ba Midbar/In the desert/“Numbers”) and the Divine Government which Israel lived and keeps on living (Dvarim/Words/“Dt.”


Israel´s redemption, of which this book (of the Torah) beginning this week, is an allegory of Israel´s redemption and of every individual Jew (by blood or by faith) from ha satan and his army. This redemption, this going out of the Spiritual Mitzraim (Egypt), is done by the five themes written in this book of  Shemot, which are: (1) the oppression in Mitzraim (Egypt); (2) theliberation from the oppression from Mitzraim; (3) the education in the desert of those redeemed from Mitzraim; (4) the consecration of those redemmed from Har Sinai/Mount Sinai; and (5) the worshipping of those redeemed in the Tabernacle, Priesthood, and the ritual.
This liberation of the Jewish People begins with the oppression and slavery in Mitzraim and the preparation of the liberator, Mosheh, and the fight against the oppressor, the Pa/RO (Pharaoh) and his people and his redemption by blood, and the institution of Pessakh/“Passover” as a symbol of that redemption, in a second phase.
A third phase comes with the education through the tests in the desert of those redeemed from Israel. A fourth phase constitutes the commandments by itself, the acceptance of the Torah by the Israelis, the golden calf, the breach of the original boards, and the second boards.
A fifth and last phase constitutes the Israelis blessing in the Tabernacle, the taking place of the Priesthood, and the decline of the Spiritual Presence of the Kavod/Glory of Elohim in the Tabernacle.



This five phase process, two thousand years afterwards, is repeated this time, through the creation of the Messianic Judaism by Yeshua, Elohim “made flesh” (John 1:14) in order to include in the physical Israel, the spiritual Israel, made up by those souls which desire and accept to be inserted in the Jewish tree of Romans 11:17 and to cease being gentiles (“idolaters”, according to the Larousse Dictionary, page 525).
The first stage of this second period of the history of Israel begins with Yeshua Himself as the incarnated Torah, instead of being taught and disseminated by Mosheh in the First Century, and a stage which was cut at the end of that century.
The second stage, that which I call “Messianic Renewed Judaism”, begun circa 1980 until His Second Coming, (very soon), while it is being disseminated all over the world. Both the Messianic Judaism I, of the first Century, as the Messianic Judaism by blood, of our days, does and will fulfill the five phases of the redemption of the Jewish People by blood, as is mentioned above, only that it will be done by the “Jews by faith,” according to what we say above, only that this phase is going to be realized by “the Jews by faith” and those Jews by blood which did not believed in Yeshua.
The equivalent of the first phase, the oppression in Mitzraim is the oppression by ha satan, from which we have come out and we have entered into the Kingdom of Elohim, even though the enemy keeps attacking us, with the permission of Elohim, but we belong to Elohim, not to ha satan.
 The equivalent of the second phase, the liberation of the oppressed, and the liberation by blood, now is being done by Yeshua´s blood, a great deal more powerful and effective than the blood of the lambs.
The equivalent of the third phase, the education of those redeemed in the desert, which is our present life, continues in us, which are put under the test daily sometimes, to learn and to correct the errors and sins committed, to be cleaned by His Blood.
The equivalent of the fourth phase, the consecration of those redeemed in Mount Sinai, takes place when we begin to comply with Moshe´s Torah, not only through our will, but with the constant help of Yeshua living inside of us through the Ruach ha Kodesh/The Holy Spirit.
This fourth phase takes all the rest of our lives to learn it, since it is not simple, especially for those Jews by faith which have arrived to  Messianic Judaism at an advanced age, so they have to understand and change everything they believed in and did in their previous religions. All Messianic Jews have problems in this sense, since changing is very difficult, and to change almost everything we believed, is doubly as difficult, depending on each person´s character. There are Messianic Jews who change quickly, without great problems, and there are others that take years to change a small custom, depending on each one´s character. One of the main problems for changing consists in that we ignore Yeshua in our daily life, although we know He lives inside ourself, we continue to live in our ego, doing OUR will, instead of doing His will, day after day, matter after matter. This is, without doubt, the most difficult thing: to change our ego, our will for His Will.
Another problem consists in the teachings we receive. Some “Christians” teach we should not abide any more on the Bible´s commandments, now that we have Yeshua with us. This teaching completely invalidates this fourth phase, and almost makes it impossible to change this fourth phase, and almost makes it impossible to change a great part of our personality, since, without the commandments, and without Yeshua´s help, change is impossible, or very little, only in those little things we were willing to change without a great effort in us.
Another example of teaching which do not help us to change are translations. We need very good Messianic translations which says what the original passage in the original Hebrew in which the Renewed Covenant/Brit Khadashah was written. The problem is that Christian insist, against all evidence to the contrary, that the Brit Khadashah was written originally in Greek, which is a big mistake. In the Brit Khadashah we translated in 2012, it took me eight and a half years to have a good translation. Luther made it in six weeks! The results are still showing today!
The equivalent of the fifth phase, worshipping, the Tabernacle, and the ritual, is, maybe, of the five phases, the one that is in the biggest darkness, especially the Tabernacle. We don´t understand—to give a single example, that in First Peter 2:4-5,7 is says (and in other verses), that Yeshua is the Foundation of the Third Temple, and each one of us are a stone of it. We also have problems with worshipping and ritual, for the same reasons that we do not manage the Commandments well: because we don´t allow Yeshua to teach us everything, who lives inside us, precisely to teach us everything.
However, and despite all the mentioned (and not mentioned) problems, Elohim IS with us, in our side, helping us as much as we allow Him, not only to do His will, but to do in a spiritual way the book of Shemot/Exodus, as this parashah begins now. May this be also a beginning of our dependence of Yeshua and our coming closer to Him, to accomplish everything the book of Shemot wishes us to learn!




Khesed ve Shalom lakhem wishes you Rebbe Julio Dam, his family, and his Messianic Renewed Synagogue from Asuncion and Ayolas, Paraguay, Obera and Corrientes, Argentina; and Apizaco, Tlaxcala, Sinaloa, Mexico; and from wherever Elohim is opening new Messianic Renewed Sinagogues! 
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