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VAIERAH / וירא

15th of the eight month of 5778
November 4, 2017

Parashah: Bereshit/In the beginning/"Gen" 18:1-22:24
Haftarah: 2 Kings 4:1-37

Julio Dam
Messianic Jewish Rabbi

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Be Resh/IT/”Gen” 21:2-3: “And she conceived and gave birth Sarah to Avraham a son in his older days, in the determined time which Elohim had said (by means of the angel). 2. Sarah conceived and bore a son to Avraham in his old age, at the set time of which Elohim had spoken. 3. Abraham gave his newborn son, whom Sarah had borned him in her old days, the name of Itz/KHAK (“and he laughted”).

Mish/LEI/”Prov” 22:6: “Train the Young man in the way he has to walk/Khanokh le na/AR al pi dar/KO. When he becomes mature, he will not deviate from it.”


In the Ta/NAKH we see how Avraham, as the patriarch of the nation of Israel, as the patriarch of the nation that he was, trained (others) with his example to those who were around him, to become what they should become and be, from his sons and greatchildren, He trained them with His own example what to do and be, from his sons and greatsons, to his own wife.

“Khi/NUKH”means “education”,“training,” and “inauguration.” There is nothing more important that the period of inauguration. It marks a precedent behind which everything else flows. It is the map indicating the director one is going to. In the life of a child, of a Little child or a Jewish Messianic Young man, Khi/NUKH is the introduction to a Messianic Jewish life for our children and greatchildren.

Starting with the Khi/NUKH, the Messianic Jewish child experiments his entrance to everything the Messianic Jewish life represents. Every value and ideal of a Messianic Jew, like the total trust in our Elohim, the study of the Tanakh, and the Renewed Covenant and of the Torah (the laws and prohibitions, i.e. “the Law”, and the good and the required character traits.) All values and ideals of a Messianic Jew (by blood or by faith), as the trust of our Elohim,  the study of the Torah and the Renewed Covenant, are stamped in the soul of a Messianic Jew in the years most delicate and impressionable, the years of his childhood.

It is being transmitted, both directly as indirectly, through the life model of his/her parents—the rich, I would say “very rich” legacy of his/her parents—a legacy which is inherited from his/her parents, the Khi/NUKH. This direct and indirect education and training by the example of our family members, will be transmitted, without having to be formal, but indirectly, through the example you can see, our children will pass to their own children, in an endless heritage, which brings innumerable blessings from Elohim, who is supervising everything from His Throne.

The child who gets used to observe with enthusiasm and joy to a life of observancy of the mitz/VOT, is most probable to choose to go on following this way, once he/she gets to be an adult.

Khi/NUKH/training, molds the child into having Khi/NUKH for the rest of his life, and takes away the negative character traits and brings automatically positive traits, more so if his parents are already with (most of) these traits. This training shapes into a Messianic-Jewish soul with a Torah and Messianic perspective, regarding the Nature and role of Yeshua in their lives, and with this perspectiva Olamit (a Hebrew expression meaning a world perspective) of the Torah, and about the role and nature of Yeshua in our lives. With this perspective, it shapes a Messianic-Jewish group of traits, it gives him/her the mental and emotional tools with which to confront and manage a Jewish Messianic soul with a Messianic Jewish perspective, regarding the Nature and role of Yeshua in our lives and with a Messianic Jewish perspective, it gives him/her the mental and emotional tools to face any vissicitudes that may arise. And with this Jewish and Messianic perspective, it provides the mental and emotional tools to face life´s vicissitudes in order to love Elohim, Yeshua and the RU/akh ha KO/desh and to have an iron trust and an unalterable and an enormous trust in Him which will allow him to live a Jewish-Messianic life which is complete and full of His revelations and teachings.

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