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AUGUST 5, 2017

Parasháh: Dvarím/Asuntos/”Dt.” 3:23-7:11
Haftaráh: Ieshaiáhu/Is. 40:1-26

Julio Dam
Messianich Renewed Rabbi

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In this parashah a subject very very important is being discussed without any doubts, conclusively and with no going around, a supremely important subject for all believers in Elohim and in the God of Israel: the legitimization of the Jewish People, both by blood as by faith, as the Unique People which are Elohim´s heritage.

In the verse above we see how Elohim had already destined all the non Jewish/Goyim nations to idolatry, knowing they would be substituting the ESSENCE of a Supreme Being by his APPEARANCE, i.e., that they would be worshipping the celestial bodies, animals, and other things created by Him,  instead of worshipping He Himself. Who, or whom is being worshipped in all the millions of religions around the world? Apparently, the moon, and whatever animal or tree one can imagine, which is being worshipped and is given gifts in order to protect oneself from them and to get from them what every man wishes: basically daily food and the protection from our enemies.

Elohim, in his deep wisdom/khakh/MAH, already knew all of this would happen, so he destined and delivered all of  humanity—with the exception of the Jewish People “His inheritance”—to these abominations (from the spiritual point of view), where demons appearing as the sun, the moon and celestial bodies appear.

But besides His Wisdom/Khakh/MAH is His rakhma-NUT, so He left the door opened so that any person, from any race or people, could be inserted into the Jewish tree (Rom.11) and that way become a part of His inheritance, of His only People, as it is written in Rom. 11:17-19. This is a relatively new concept we should record us in our hearts and minds: not only are there Jews by blood, but there are also Jews by faith, as the majority of our readers, which have realized the Absolute Truth of Judaism and its spiritual continuation, Messianic Judaism, with Yeshua as the Mashiakh and Body of Elohim (Yochanan 1:14.). Both motions are inseparable, if the Truth of Elohim wishes to be clear, and conserved.

You cannot separate the feet from the rest of the body. Scriptural Judaism (not the Rabbinical one) is the head; Messianism is the spirit/RU-akh and the physical feet of scriptural Judaism. BOTH form ONE inseparable body, if we wish to know the absolute truth.

The other side of the coin is the responsibility which we, the Jews by blood and by faith have in front of Elohim, because we were the ONLY PEOPLE chosen to be the inheritance of the Universe´s Creator.

The other side of the coin is the responsibility that we, Jews by blood and by faith have in front of Elohim. Inheritance does not come without responsabilities nor obligations.

The passage that best resumes these obligations, in our opinion, is the armor of Ephesians 6:13:18, where it mentions the truth as our belt, our breastplate of tzeda/KAH/going straight on, and tying our feet of the good news of shalom/peace; and the helmet of victory and the spade of the Ruakh to receive what Elohim has to give us.

The word “pra/TI” is Elohim´s word for YOU, NOW, not “the word of God”, as we have been wrongly taught. It is an inmediate instruction for a specific person, for a specific problem. The “kl/AL” word is the word of Elohim, i.e, the Tanakh. (Many mistakes in translations have been done with these two Hebrew words.)

In second place, observe that what adjust all of the armour is the Truth/e/MET, something very dear to the Messiannic Jewish Movement (us). We have always been behind the true truth, no matter who is after us or against us, since the most effective weapon for ha satan is deceit and disinformation, besides fear.

In third place, we have to put on the armour of the breastplate of tzeda/KAH/straight path. This breastplate is made up, from the outside, by the Commandments of the Torah in the Tanakh, i.e., those things we should train ourselves to do and behave like to make Elohim happy and to become what He wishes us to become. This is the real meaning of “Brit Khadashah”/Renewed Covenant”. Both parts complement each other, since Yeshua does not pretend from us nothing that is not in the Torah, in the mitz/VOT/commandments, only that for Him and through Him everything went inside (us).

The beso/ROT, the good news Yeshua can give us is salvation to all the Goyim an insert them in the tree of Romans 11, which brings us peace/sha/LOM, to our heart and mind. That common thought of the persons who do not know Elohim: “What will be of me in the future?” We lose our prior fear of death and the uncertainty of “what will be of me in the future”? When somebody news comes to our Mesianic synagogue,  Yeshua whispers in our ears: ´Help him in what he needs´. I have some very funny anecdotes about Yeshua hearing us: I have the bad habit of putting my glasses everywhere, and in 5 seconds, I forgot where I left it. So I go: “Táierele (querido) Yeshua, where did I put my glasses!?” And in a second later, or sooner than that I move my head and—bingo! There are my glasses. All day I am asking Yeshua where I left this, or that, or this, and He answers me in less than a second!

The next thing are the beso/RÓT, the good news that Yeshua can give salvation to all of us, to all the Goim and insert them in the tree of Romans which gives us shalom/peace in our heart and mind. This does not mean we will not have any problems. Many of us already lost faith and fear death and have uncertainty of the type “What will become of me in the future?” This is the enormous difference between any man on the street who fears death and the Messianic Jew (by blood and/or by faith). The one that believes by faith knows that if He has a problem he can always appeal if he has a problem, be it “where did I left my glasses” to “from where will I take the enormous quantity of money I need to pay so and so?”.

We also have the helmet of victory which protects us from the thoughts that ha satan throws us via his demons´s swords in order to let us believe everything is going wrong. He induced us to believe this or that. What we must do is to think to ourselves: “I wont allow that ha satan puts thought and feelings in us and temptation, so I will sin. I´m going to ask Elohim for the  helmet of victory and the whole armour of Yeshua ha Mashiach. (Every time I deliver people, when we have our weekly meeting of the Messianic Synagogue three times a week, and it is around 30 people per time, three times a week, c. 100 times a week, I take out from each person, circa 30 demons.

And next, we have the pra/TI spade (the specific word for the specific person, for a specific problem), which is one the most powerful weapons we can receive in our spiritual life. Can we know how to solve my “patient” problem? Of course not! But the pra/TI word of Elohim or Yeshua, the specific advice for us coming from Elohim or Yeshua DOES solve it and I tell him/her what to do it AND IT WORKS!

And lastly we all have to do these things in total perseverance. THERE IS NOTHING WITH ELOHIM which does not need perseverance. If you wish to become a man/woman of prayer you need PERSEVERANCE. We need it to all things of the spiritual, but also of the flesh.

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