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JULY 29, 2017

Parasháh: Dvarím/Asuntos/”Dt.” 1:1-3:22
Haftaráh: Ieshaiáhu/Is. 1:1-27

Julio Dam
Messianich Renewed Rabbi

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Mosheh received four suggestions from his father-in-law Itró (Shemot/”Ex.” 18:13) regarding men with certain characteristics/mi/DO regarding certain kinds of men with certaiin mid/OT/caracter signs to name shoftim/”judges” for Israel: “Fearful of Elohim,” men who walk in the truth and who  hate greed” and he, Mosheh, said he was looking for men with three additional caracter  traits, men who walk in the truth and hate avarice,” and he Mosheh, was looking with men with additional traits: tzadikim/just, straigtforward, and additional midot:  “tzadikím/just, open to His People,  just (in the Torah) rectos, wise and full of interior pereception, wise and full of an interior perception of things/navo/NIM, and men of testimony.”Let´s examine these seven characteristics/midot to measure our present day societies and that of Israel in the time of Mosheh.


The “spirit of fear”/Ir´AT Ado/NAI” is mentioned several times in the Torah. It is not just a human feeling, but a “specialization of the RU/akh ha KO/desh of Elohim, which we should ask and we shall receive. There is an ENORMOUS lack of fear of Elohim in almost all Messianic Jews in the world. We walk and act as if Elohim was distracted in the moment we are sinning and as if He would not notice in what we are sinning about, and in what we just said or done or planned. Do we truly believe Elohim is a fool, and is a “God full of love” and therefore, we should not be have to fear Him? How wrong we are! Those who are fearful of IHVH are those who have seen Him “functioning,” who know from Elohim that sees everything and that we are no longer sinning against our brothers and sisters for a long time, because He is an Elohim of Justice.

On the other side, we have seen, very, very Little “RU/ach ir/AT Ado/NAI in en world of believers; most of the blame, I believe is because it is not taught; most of the blame is because it is not taught; and whatever is still there is because we don´t think we should be afraid of Him; but the consecuences of this lack of fear are various: we are not to continue to grow in the Spirit if we do not have fear; on the other hand, our future is not going to be good, if we do not live with Him in fear, believe me. Everything we have can go over to the bottom of the ocean, or into an accident, ora an illness, all because we did not wished to hear His voice of warning.The Israelis could not have fear of Elohim because they have had seen Elohim punishing the Egyptians, for the Israelis could not have fear of Elohim because they had not yet seen Elohim punishing the Egyptian, so they no longer believed in an Elohim who chastised Israel´s enemies.

We imagine that when Elohim stopped doing miracles at the outgoing of Mitz/RAIM, the Israelim begun to believe and begun to believe again in an Elohim who chastised and who gives way gifts, and fear begun to arise again in the people, but not enough so that Mosheh found men who had it. The RU/ach Ir/AT Adonai begun again to believe in a Elohim which chastices and who gives Premiums, and fear again begun to increase among the people, but not enough for Mosheh to find men who had it.

Elohim needs slaves whho fear Him, not employees with a monthly salary, and vacations, nor employees with a monthly salary who laught at His back, as if He would be deaf and dumb to everything they do and say.                       


The truth is not easy; it is highly lighter to walk along the wide road of convenience, and say whatever is appropriate in any given momento, convenient for both sides. As we always, there is an outside truth and an interior truth. Truth is not easy; it is much more easy to walk along the wide path of covenience, and say whatever is convinient at the momento, and both parts. As we always say, there is an inner truth and an outer truth. Inner truth is that of our true carácter, not the mask we Project to the public that is watching us, but our true carácter. This is the one we should examine, ask the Ru/AKH to introduce us to it, and change it, little by little. Elohim cannot work with soons that sin, who make fraud a style of life, steal and sexually sin with others. He is not going to allow it, and we should stop cheat ourselves thinking that He IS going to do it.

The external truth is the truth we believe in, the doctrinal truth, the teaching in which we believe in. The external belief is the truth in which we believe, we have believed, the truth of the doctrine, the teaching we believe in. We have lived most of our lives in the lies and deceit of ha satan for too long, nineteen centuries to be exact. Elohim expects in the very short time we  have left, to leave behind all deceits and from our side to look the truth  and follow it no matter the price we have to pay for it.

The Israelies were very influenced when they came out of Mizraim, with the daily duties, of eating every day and to survive, so they had no time to worry with “Little things” as the truth, both outside truth as well as inside truth. We are also getting out of Mitzraim, like the Israelis, but of a Mitzraim of the deceit we have lived for many centuries. We have to ask for hunger and thirst of the Truth20 in order to receive it.

“who hate greed, are tzadi/KIM, and go with the tzeda/KAH, (IN THE THORAH)”

If Elohim had only ten men in Latinamerica who would “hate greed” and were “hateful of greed,” and be “upright/have tzedakáh” what would Elohím not do with our pour countries, full of greed and deceit, greed, and money greed, and twisted minds, pawned into greed, deceit, and cheating the brother of ours? I am not talking of common men, of idolaters. I am speaking of Elohim´s men,  those who say and believe what we say, who follow the Elohim of Israel. As we have seen, Elohim´s truth not only involves external teaching, what we believe in, but is founded on the inner truth, in our carácter and our behaviour. It is nothing to have the external Truth20, the most perfect doctrine, if we lie, if we cheat our Messianic brothers, or members of our close family, if we cheat everyone in order to win Money  (a Little is bad enough).

“wise men”

In our commentary book on Romans, entitled “How to understand Romans and the Scriptures”, we explain this subject of wisdon and what does it  mean, but we will advance something here “to kill the hunger” of those who wish to know more. Wisdom/Khakh/MAH is a spirit/RU/akh we explain how to “kill the hunger” of those who wish to know more. In our book we explain what does wisdom mean. It is a specialized spirit who comes from our commentary book of “Romans” where we explain what it mean.  Wisdom is “specialized”  Spirit/Ruakh which comes from the Ruakh Ha Kódesh of Elohim. It gives us the capacity of understanding and penetrating in the essence of things and words, beyond the cold and metal studying. It  is the capacity of understanding and the hability to penetrate the essence of things and words, way beyond the cold and mental study. Wisdon is asked and received. The problem is why there is so little: it is because nobody gives it much value. Wisdom is asked and it is given. It is considered much more “valuable” to have a new car that something “non-important” as Khakh/MAH. The problem of what there is so little in the world is because nobody gives it a lot of value.

“gifted with inner perceptioon of thing/navo/NIM”

The difference between a Khakam and a na/VON (the one who has inner perception of things) is a question of degrees. Each Word, each concept has an external, apparent meaning, and an inner meining, essence. The na/VON is the one who is full of the Ruakh of Elohim in order to penetrate the essence of each Word. 

In the matters of leadership, this is much more important. Who is lying to us? The person who is coming to complain about his spouse, or her spouse? Only the Ruakh ha Kodesh  can tell us.

“of good testimony”

Good testimony is being more and more neglected in the Messianic Jewish Synagogues and it is a bad mistake. Each one of us  of good testimony is being more and more soft and is accumulating more and bad testimony. Each one of us accumulates a trayectory with his years of ministry, be it writing, be it judging, in deliverance, in counseling or in whatever work Elohim makes us do. Responsible lidership begins from a good testimony, not simply from habilities of doing good things, error sor sins. If any leader commits errors without stop, he/she should be discarted.

If you can know why things do not function well in Messianism, see how many people have one or more of Moshe´s qualities, see how many persons have one or more of the quality that Mosheh had and his father-in-law Itro searched among the Israelis and ask  yourself how many of these qualities do YOU have. The response is automatic: There is no good leadership because the leaders do not have any of the quoted qualities of characters.

The basis of every leader is his fear of Elohim. If the beginning of his congregation he has fear of Adonai, everything will be good, because Elohim is guiding him. If he himself does not have it, ask for another congregation, look for another congregation, believe me; it is the best you can do, because everything will go from bad to worse, eventually.

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