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28/4/ 5778
22 JULY, 2017

Von Julio Dam
Messianisch Renovierter Rebbe
(aus dem Spanischen übersetzt von MK)

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In this parasháh, we speak about forty two camps where the Jewish People camped in forty two camp son its way to the Promised Land. In prior parashot we have talked about some of these. In this occasion we will specifically touch the first ten camps, its symbolic meanins and its relationship with our life.


“Ram/SES” means “the sun god.” From there came out the Israelies, on their way to Israel. This name is very significant, because from there, we can say all of us came out in our pilgrimage on their way to Israel. Great numbers, enormous groups of Israelis, which are called “religions” by every one, worship “the sun god,” i.e, Ramses, in Egypt, but is known all over the world with another Word.  disemminated all over the world. This is both real, but also symbolic. It is real in the sense that there are billions of people worshipping the god sun, with different names—like Mithra, Tamuz, etc., only with different names, such as “Diós”/Diós” in Spanish. (This is a discovering this autor made when he translated the Renewed Covenant from Greek to Hebrew and from Hebrew to Spanish and found this incredible word in Acts 14:13. (That is one of the reasons the shock of this discovery added to eight years and a half of translating what Luther translated in one month and one week—or so they say.) It is real in the sense that there are billions of people worshipping the sun god (“Sun-day” in English means “domingo,” and “Sonn-Tag” the same, but in German.) Es real en el sentido de que hay billones de personas adorando a la deidad sol, entre ellos, Mitra, Tamúz, etcétera, sólo que con nombres diferentes. 

It is symbolic, because it represents PARTS of our past, full of deceit and falsifications, which we followed in  our spiritual ignorance. (I say “parts of our past,” because as I said, the whole world, for instance, there are 1.2 BILLIONS (according to BBC news, with more than 40% living in Latin America, because it represents our own past, full of deceits and falsifications, whom we followed in our spiritual deceits. It represents our own past, our own spiritual ignorance. This past, for us, Messianic Jews all over the world, it is the present for many believers who know nothing about the deceits they are immersed in--like the Kaba/LAH. Como dijimos ya, ha satán se ve muy limitado en lo que puede hacer y por eso, su arma favorita es el engaño y la mentira. They can show us a dog and call i tan angel and he who does not know the difference, he believes it totally.

But coming out of deceit—unfortunately—is not Elohim´s job, but ours.  (I say “unfortunately” because Elohim gave usa ll His weapons we can and could have used to get to the Truth18 (as Korzibsky, the Author of “Science and Sanity, in its 7th edition in 1973) tought his followers. (I have added the numbers, because as Korzibsky himself taught it, there are levels in everything, so I made up (in this specific case), truth1 to truth20.)

Elohim gave us and gives usa ll the weapons at His disposal, which are incredible. I could write a whole book about it, and probably I will, because they are incredibly new and unknown of, most of them, nota ll. 

Internet is one of the most powerful weapons in favor of Absolute Truth (Truth20) is one of the most powerful weapons that came out of the darkness in the last twenty centuries. (Did you know the Vatican PROHIBITED to read the Bible to their members? And that prohibition was annuled in 1947!) Do you wish to know the origin of at least Sun-day and Christmas? You don´t have to enter Internet and “google” more than a minute and “presto”! you will have tens of thousands of pages that reveal to you the true Thruth20 about these two Mitraistic (“Catholic”) lies!

Today nobody can lie and say: “Ah! But I had no idea because I was a pagan thing to do that! Where would I know that?” As we saw a short while ago on one of our parashot, the belt of the truth20 of Eph. 6 adjusts us ALL our armour, and we can use all of the rest of terribly forceful weapons with a lot more effectiveness, since the truth20 adjusts us all our armour, and we can use ALL the truth available, even in Google (which means the whole world). So that in Ramses´campo/makha/NE we can leave all of what is deceit and a lie from Ramses and from ha satan and go on towards the coming camp, free of lies.


Sukót represents to be in the presence (Korzibski and Dam would say: Presence20) would of the Elohim of Israel. This is the most important experience in our eternal lives eternas. I emphasize the word “experience” and not “religion” or “doctrine”, since these last two words do not have any value at all. The only thing, us, the World Messianic Judaism (WMJ) is going after is to have and to transmit this experience with ADONAI. Religions are useless and a source of massacres. (Remember Auschwitz?) Persona experience with ADONAI is enormously uself and a source happiness, shalom, and a life full of trust in Him.

All our efforts should be routed to achieve and maintain this relationship (two different and extremely difficult things to do=this relatioship.) If we should have to explain this relationship with a single Word, we would say “talk”, since this is the Word within our movement, the WMJ, of what the world or the religions try to do. We, in the WMJ would say: “to talk”, since this is our definition of learning with ADONAI talking to us; this is what the world or the religions call “to pray” (they mean “to repeat the same words over the over all the times we “pray.”)  

If we only have a one person saying always the same to Elohim or Yeshua we are  in level one in Yaakov´s ramp, in Hebrew: su/lamp. I If we only have the same “prayer” we are a long way from being in prayers14 with Elohim, which includes, talks12, revelations20, jokes12, etc. If we only have a prayer, we are in the first step of Yaa/KÓV´S su/lam. If we have a conversation with Elohim and with Yeshua every day, we are a long way up of prayer15. But if this conversation is a MUST everyday, then we are in THE RIGHT TRACK, AND IN THE ONLY WAY UP, we are in prayer20. To have a DAILY conversation with Elohim and/or Yeshua we are in the RIGHT WAY AND AT THE TOP. In our best published book, both in English and in Spanish, “How to be a good friend of Elohím” hablamos en más detalle de esta relación fundamental, base de toda nuestra vida eterna).

3. Et/AM

The next stop of the Israeli people was in E/TAM, which means “way to the see.” The next stop of the Israeli People was in Etam, (salted) sea water, which means “on the way to the sea.” The (salted) sea water, as we have revealed in our books, is a symbol of the ahavah love20 (sacrificla, spiritual) of Elohim for all humanity. In other words, those who stop worshipping demons and find the only true Elohim, the Jewish One, begin to walk in a right way, in a way towards receiving the indiscriminate love, sacrifical love of Elohim/Aha/VAH. In another words, those who stop worshippingEn otras palabras, aquellos que dejan de adorar a We all have right to this kind of ahavah, but not all of us note it, nor appreciate it. Only those who have gone out of ha satan´s darkness and we have found the truth20, are in condition to appreciate and benefit without any limit to have reached ahavah20 and benefit from all the blessings coming with it, without deserving it.


The fourth camping is Pi Akhi/ROT, THE PLACE OF Pí AKHI/rót. The redes are water tres. Since the sea is ahavah from Elohim, we are the reeds which are sea reeds. Like the sea is ahavah from Elohim, we are the sea reeds which are surrounded from his ahavah, so that we the reeds are marine reeds, so that we grow surrounded by His constant care and His care and His generosity and of His constant and invisible care. Every day that nothing happens to us is because Elohim is guarding  us, but we do not see Him, and  yet does not  happen to anything bad. We do not see Him, but His ahavah, His sacrifice and that preocupation for us goes unnoticed. Cada día que no nos pasa nada malo, es porque Elohím nos está guardando, pero no lo vemos, y por eso esa ahavah, ese sacrificio y esa preocupación por nosotros, pasa desapercibida). 

Pí Ajirót/Place of Reeds is a place to delight us with His care and His preocupation for us and to bless Him. It is a place to delight us with His care and His preocupation and love and to bless you, every day, for everything He does, and to bless Him, every day for everything He does for and we do not realice it.  es un lugar para deleitarnos de Su cuidado y de Su preocupación por nosotros y para bendecirlo, todos los días, por todo lo que hace por nosotros pero que no nos damos cuenta.


The tower/migdál is a simbol of what we talked in a very recent parashah: to be alert always, to have a guard in a tower watching for our camp, which is our home, our life and that of our family and Messianic Synagogue. To have fun in the place of reeds, can easily makes up believe life is easy and that danger passed away, but danger NEVER went away. Only that Elohim is holding, on His mercy. Being more than happy is to be rejoicing in the place of reeds. Being rejoicing in the place of reeds can easily make us believe like is easy and the danger is over, but the danger NEVER is over. It is only that Elohim is putting a stop to it, by His mercy, but that does not mean that we should not be constantly on guard and to analize things that happen to us day after day, to rummage, and to be rejoicing in the place of reeds. But that does mean that we should see and investigate if it is normal or if can come from a spiritual attack.


In our daily  life, not everything not everything is always great. There are always, and there can by sometimes that we can be  undergoing bitter moments, and trials. We always say that there are bitter monts and life is a “Russian Mountain,” with its ups and down. These downs can be always taken advantage to learn what is happening with us and to learn and way that the way down is over and the going up begins, with no doubt it will come.

Mahu have being taught that life with Elohim is like a “stop suffering,” but it is not that and we better understand it. Suffering is a manner of teaching which Adonái has for us a method for us to understand many things, errors, and our deviations from our rightful path. To suffer is a style of teaching which Elohim has to change our mistakes and our deviations from the right path. We must understand it, and not complain, but to learn and goa head, hoping to get up in the Russian Roulette, which will very son come, as soon as learn the bitter lesson we are undergoing.


As we just said, suffering makes us stronger, like oak trees. We are no longer the weak survivors of the Egyptiam/Mitzr/AIM, as we already said; suffering make us stronger tan oakes tres. We are no longer the week survivors of the Egyptian/Mitzraim slavery, under the Pa/RO/Mitzráim. As we said before, suffering makes us stronger, as oaks. We are no longer the weaker survivors of the Egyptian slavery, under the Pa/RO of Mitzraim/Egypt, who is a symbol of ha satan, as we said; suffering makes stronger, like oaks. 


Clay is a symbol of the change Elohim wishes to do with us. We are the jars and He is the potter. He wishes to make us of jars of honour, but we must let Him do the molding, and do not flee away from His hand of ahavah, even though at times it is painful. Nothing suffers in our daily life, today, which is not His will, in order TO BLESS US. Nothing happens in our daily life, today, that is not His will for OUR GOOD. Nothing happens that is not to better us according to our prefixed destiny in His will for OUR GOOD. He know what is better for us. He knows about the hereditary things we have inherited through our forefathers. He knows what is better for us. We do not see them. He know about the educational and family. He knows what is best for us. We do not. He knows of the educational and daily labor we have to support. He knows of the educational and family charges we carry all of our lives and which do not allow us to be the jars He had prepared us to be. So we must let Him work in us, even if it hurts.

9. D0/fka/RANCHER

If we allow Him to mold us, Elohim will take with Him to his livestock, if we let Him mold us. If we do, Elohim will take us with Him, and we will be a part of livestock and will stop being alone and without our course, and we will ending up and without our course. This behaviour demands wisdom and spiritual wisdom/ jajmáh, of which there is very little. And this wisdom translates itself in humility, like Little sheep, which allow themselves to be washed Every day, Elohim takes us out to eat everyday, Elohím takes us out to eat pasture, to feed His flock.


Finally, we meet with the crowd, with the people of the world, who wants to invade our flock, who wants to undo it, because it does not bear that we are the elect of Elohim and does everything in their power to pervert that privilege, from discrediting us And to say that there is not and can not be a "Chosen People" (Who can argue with Elohim?), To demonize and demonize us, so that no one wants to approach the People of Elohim and thus draw the blessing that that produces.

But we must rest easy, knowing that everything has its reward and its punishment: there are blessings waiting for those who have obeyed and there are curses waiting for those who have not wanted to obey and have rebelled.

We must be strong and stand firm. There are still thirty-two camps still to be found in our lives. But we should not faint, but sing and praise Elohim for what he has done for us so far, which is a lot.

But most of all, we must not let ourselves be influenced by the crowd, which, in the end, unwittingly knows that it is lost, and that it is being manipulated by Satan to try to sink them with the destiny they have in store. We must bless our enemies and at the same time isolate ourselves with Elohim under His talit (Teh./Sal.9: 5), because only there we will be safe.

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