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JULY 8th 2017
Parashah: Bamidbar/"Numbers" 22:31

Julio Dam
Messianic Renewed Rabbi

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Bamidbar/"Numbers" 22:31: “And Adonai´s angel opened Balaam´s eyes and saw Adonai´s angel who was on the road and had a naked spade on his hand.


We can see everything with our own eyes, and we can also ask in prayer to see everything with our open eyes given to us by Elohim. King Shlomoh in 1st Kings 3:5-9 said:”Ask whatever you wish and I will give it to you…” Now, thus, give your slave an understanding eye to judge your people, and to discern between the good and the bad.” So Elohim answered him in 1st Kings 12: “Here it is that I have given you a wise and understanding heart, so much that  there has never been anyone like  you, nor there will no one after you who will be put up like you.


Our universe is made of three dimensions, in truth: a physical one, which is the one we see with our physical eyes: a mental Universe, and a spiritual Universe, some with more clarity than others. However, to have Elohim´s eyes is a lot more wider tan the “simple” seeing the spiritual Universe.  It is to perceive the feelings, thoughts, and intentions of each person apart from others, and also each person can see the past, present and future, since in the spiritual Universe there exists no space-time as we know it, where everything is present, now.

This is the way Elohim sees it: He sees us as we were, are and will be. He already knows and see what we have thought, done and felt fifty  years ago, yesterday, or on this very second, with the same easiness with which we see what we have in front of us.

To have the (spiritual) eyes of Elohim open and His mental eyes, is to see all of this, such as we can see us and guide us because of it, and not only because what our physical eyes can see, only in the present, which represents a millionth of something that Elohim can perceive in us, and even though He is seeing almost 8 billion people on this second, the present population of the whole world!

Perceiving with the eyes of Elohim our surroundings can be achieved through prayer, and if Elohim considers that we are ready to do something for Him with this, and not only a little whim of ours, like a new toy. He wishes and needs people who wish to to work for Him in new things such as prayer, intercede, do spiritual warfare, to advice, to lead, but He needs slaves (not “servants” as all translations have it”), to intercede. Are you willing to be a slave of Elohim?

Or just wish to see Elohim´s marvels, like one who just comes out of a business market having bought for himself the latest electronic device, to see thing before oone could not see? Everything depends on our intention, as it happened with Kind Shlomoh, who did not ask for gold, nor diamants, but wisdom, and not to be able to “invest” better, but to lead the People of Israel of Elohim.

When we need to pray for someone,it is also a must, for a good prayer, to listen to His voice, to know exactly what the person has, and what to do with his problem. Of course we can always take human decisions and pray human prayers, and not those of Elohim. When we pray for someone and we have the opened eyes of Elohim, we see things nobody else can see, except a clairvoyant, like specific problems, which may be stopping the natural life of the brother/sister we are praying for, and that he/she don´t have even a clue of what he/she really have.

As we have already said, to have Elohim´s eyes implies not onoy see what one cannot see in the physical  Universe, but also see the person we are praying for as an open book, understanding a lot of things not even the very same person has a clue of what he/she has. However, Elohim knows exactly what this person has and if he/she desires to get rid of it. He made us know and He are in conditions to lead, but He needs slaves (not “servants” as all translation have put it), which do not do their own will, but Elohim´s. Are you ready to become a slave of Elohim?

Or you just see marvels done by someone? It is also very important for a good prayer to listen to His Voice, in order to know what does the person we are praying for really has and what to do with his problem. Obviously we can take human decisions, and not those of Elohim.When we pray or “deliver” (from demons), we have Elohim´s eyes and ears, like specific problems which might be putting a stop in the life of the person we are praying for. And even if he/she has a suspicion of what his problem is, suspecting is no enough to do a good prayer.

When we need to pray for someone, it is also a must—for a good prayer—to listen to His Voice, in order to know precisely what he/she is suffering from, and what to do with his /her problem. Most of the prayers I do in our Synagogue are ninety percent not physical, because it is not that our “patient” has a physical problem, but a spiritual one, which only come out via spiritual weapons.

As we said, to have Elohim´s eyes implies not only to see what can be seen in the physical world around us, but seeing the person we are delivering from, as an open book, understanding not only the things this brother understands or knows about what is bothering him, but knowing exactly what this brother has, even things he/she not even suspected.

To have Elohim´s spiritual eyes also means to be able to tell the other person the effects and strategies which are necessary to solve the problems the other person has, be them phsical (the ones less probable), psychological, (probably), physical (unprobable) or interpersonal (probable.) Many times we have surprised ourselves by the reach of what Elohim is telling us about the other person, in order to help him/her, since with His help we can see him/her with our own spiritual eyes, even before it really happens in reality, which makes this visión a lot more  useful to the “patient” we are delivering, since Elohim has opened our eyes and we are not praying with our own eyes. We must ask Elohim to be able to see with His eyes instead of with ours of the positive changes our “patient” will experience.


The second gran thing that Elohim gave Shlomoh is “a wise and understanding heart.” Wisdom/khakh/MAH is the most valuable thing Elohim can give us if we ask it from Him. In Is. 11:2 it is only at the top of line of things mentioned that He would give us. It is a very valuable thing Elohim can give us if we ask from Him, we will receive almost the very best gift of the seven which make up in the Jewish meno/RAH, which represents these seven spiritual gifts, led by the Ruakh Kah/MAH/Spirit of Wisdom.     

We are able to have all seven, provided we ask for the most important of them, the Ruakh Ir/AT (Spirit of fear of Elohim) (which most writers and translators call it (wrongly) as “Spirit of respect of Hashem.” If we ask this spirit, Elohim will give us the other six, which is the right lamp on the Meno/RAH. In “Prov.” 9:10 it says that “the Fear of Adonai is the beginning of wisdom.” And that is exactly so.

What is the Ruakh Khakhma good for us? Not only to know but also to know HOW TO DO THINGS, and WHEN.

It provides us not only with a Chach/MAH, but a chach/MAH that teaches us when to act, and when NOT TO act. It also helps us to understand the Tanakh and a messianic Renewed Covenant. Wisdom helps us tremendously to know when to act, and when to be quiet and even move.

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