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JULY 1ST 2017

Parashah: Bamidbar/”Numbers” 19:1-22:1

Julio Dam
Messianic Jewish Rabbi

Copyright 2017 by Julio Dam. Our readers are invited to visit our Internet place, with articles, books, and free parashot in English, German and Spanish. All author´s rights are reserved. It is prohibited to copy, sale or put on Internet without the author´s written permission. Every work from our Internet site which takes off the author´s name is unlawful, and will by treated by Elohim.

Ba Midbár/In the Desert/”Numbers” 19:1-2: “And Adonai spoke to Moshéh and to Aaron, saying: ‘This is the KHU/ot/ordinance of the Torah which Adonai had commanded… de la Toráh que ordenó ADONÁI...”


As we mentioned in a past parashah, there are three categories of laws: the mishpatim/the ordinances, which are made for the efficient functioning of society; the khu/KIM/decrees, which are sufficiently rationable to be able to put together in a single system; and the mitz/VOT/commandments, who are not that evident as the mishpatim, but which can be organized according to its principles, with the help of studying.

On this parashah it talks about the khu/KIM/statutes as the khok of the red  ka/pa/RAH adu/MAH, the red cow which belongs to the kin of rules which do not have a logical explanation and which have to be accepted without asking previous explanations to Elohim. The interesting and curious fact is that once we find and once we begin to accept them and we begin to do them, Elohim reveals to us the reason why they are, one by one, and every suddenly makes sense.

That is why as we say here, that the thing that we do NOT know about (about the world) would fill more space than all of the world´s libraries put together. That is why we should obey and do the khu/KIM/decrees and then we will understand. What is is that we do not understand? The whole world!

We do not understand our own conscious nature, not because we act as we do, be it conscienciously or unconscienciously with ourselves, with the members of our family, with our brothers in the faith or with people in our daily life. As a result of this lack of knowledge of our own being and character, we say and do things to others which we should not do or say, and then we don´t understand why is it that our relationships deteriorate, as if they would not have a reason to do so.

We do not understand our family members, nor our synagogue brothers, nor the rabbi, nor the rest of the authorities in our life, what props them, what repels them, nor what paralizes them.

We do not understand why someone is gravely ill and about to die, when his a little child. We do not understand why children die while adults around them, keep living. Everything becomes an insoluble enigma.

We do not  understand the crucial moment in history in our days now. We do not understand the functioning of history. To us, history was just one of the subjects we had to study in high school, which we do not understand a single thing. We do not understand at all the things which are going to occur soon all over the world, and when it does happen we will continue not to understand what is really the reasons for it, nor the causes why they happen, neither in your present country nor in mine.  Everything is a mistery to us—as mysterious as to those which are not Messiannic Jews, when, in fact, if  we are close to Elohim and to  Yeshua, we should be able to interpret and to foresee the TV news as an open book to our spiritual and mental minds. We should be able to anticipate what is about to happen, to prepare ourselves, but it not happening that way. As we said in the title of this parashah  (portion of the Torah), what we do not understand would fill all of the world´s libraries. And that is wrong, very wrong, having Elohim and Yeshua alongside of us, present there if we wish to ask them.

The main rule to begin to understand is TO OBEY and not rebel, like Korakh did, whom we saw in our past parashah as the rebel number one against the will of Elohim. If “order is the first rule of Heaven,” as the well known English writer Pope said, our obedience is what brings obedience in our life and puts it in Heaven, where should be in the near future. THERE ARE NO REBELS IN HEAVEN! THERE ARE NO DISOBEDIENTS IN HEAVEN! “Naa/SHE ve nish/MAH is what the Jewish People said: “Let us do (first) and listen (later for the explanation). Bravo! This is the kind of obedience we should be proud of! Elohim will explain it to us in its proper time; no wonder we are His sons; He does not explain anything to anybody who is NOT His son.

Another mail rule is to develop a personal friendship with Elohim and with Yeshua, through having Yeshua beneath us. Together with obedience and acceptance, this friendship will make us develop a relationship with Elohim as our best friend, until we know Him intimately, the smallest of His thoughts, reactions, character, pleasures and things He does feel pleasure to (like sin, and desobedience), things He likes and dislikes, in sum, everything that develops among two people who are real friends. What is it that you DO NOT KNOW about you best friend? Almost nothing, right? EXACTLY THIS is what is going to happen when you develop a friendship, and a daily conversation with Him. You tell him your TZU/res (problems, in Yiddish), and He tells you how to solve them, and the relationship gets deeper an deeper and wider and wider, until you FINALLY KNOW ELOHIM as you know your best friend of your life. There is nothing better than this in our spiritual life. There is no higher goal in our spiritual walk, day to day. It is NOT easy. Ha satan will do the impossible to try to break that friendship and that relationship, in order to ruin that almost day-to-day conversation, so that you cannot reach the point of high development.

The next rule is to forgive our enemies. Unfortunately, Worldwide Messianic Judaism (WMJ) has arrived at a level of having many enemies, both from Christians, Jews, and people of other religions, without deserve it. These enemies are actively working with ha satan, although they believe themselves to be their enemies. The deviations that have surged up in WMJ are a direct answer to these prayers against worldwide Messianics. But Yeshua has left us with a rule and so thus the Torah: “Forgive your enemies.” Every day we should ask for forgiveness for our lack of forgiveness and our lack of sorry for all our enemies, those we personally know, and those we do not, but we suspect from what they say and write, that they are our greatest enemies.

The last rule os to ask aha/VAH/sacrificial love for those people who surround us, who live with us, or near us, be it members of our Messianic Synagogue, friends, relatives, son/daughters, grandsons/granddaughters.

Just like acceptance, aha/VAH is a process which develops in time and with our friendship with Elohim. When we see how much He has done for us, with a dis-interested kind of love/aha/VAH, we begin to do it to others, even without personally knowing them.

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